Just Pudding Basins Ltd or JPB for short was established in June 2011 and as our name suggests it was all about Pudding Basins! Time has passed and we have evolved a great deal since the early days. The business is now a UK manufacturer of the plastic pudding basin, UK Master Distributor of Howard Products Inc. USA. and major stockist of Unicorn SPiT gel stain and Paint.
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Just Pudding Basins Ltd

We still produce here in the UK a fabulous range of high quality, food-grade, plastic pudding basin with lid. The bowls with lids are designed especially for boiling, steaming, pressure cooker or industrial steamer, or microwave. They can happily stand a 9 hour steam – IMPORTANT never let boil or steam dry. The plastic pudding pots are now available in a wide array of colours, Clear is the traditional more familiar type, Gold, Silver bowls with matching lids were introduced a couple of years ago proving extremely popular for the Christmas Pudding, these are offered in 7 different sizes, we are unique in the variety of colours that we make, we have found that colour coding is important for those needing definition between puddings e.g. gluten-free or nut-free or alcohol-free – a pudding may look exactly the same once steamed but different pots give instant recognition!

Pastel colours were introduced to the range last year, wow! What a response, the 6 shades, Sky blue, rose pink, primrose yellow, peach, mint green and lilac with clear lids this time, have definitely been a hit – with a huge surge for the mixed rainbow packs.

It turns out that they are used in homes throughout the land and not just for puddings, but as cereal bowls, the large 4 pint used as a salad or pasta bowl. They make great storage containers, freezer-proof they are very popular for batch freezing of homemade baby food, sauces etc.
For those of you who perhaps make puddings on a commercial basis please give Anna or Howard a call for a quote for bulk supplies. Tel 01507 622809. Catering for restaurant and pub trade we carry a large stock of the all-important individual portion 140ml or ¼ pint basins – excellent for puds or as moulds for rice or risotto. Take a look at the JPB website for ideas, recipes and product information. Sizes manufactured are 140ml or ¼ Pint, 280ml or ½ pint, 570ml or 1 pint, 850ml or 1.5 pint, 1.14ltr or 2 pint, 1.71lt or 3 Pint and 2.27ltr or 4 pint.

Howard Products

Just Pudding Basins Ltd are delighted and very proud to be stockists and suppliers of this wonderful high-quality range of waxes, polishes and cleaning solutions. Howard products are based in California and they too are a family firm established in 1967. They enjoy a great reputation in the States and also have a huge following in Australia, the range include the famous Restor-A-Finish – amazing for getting out heat rings on varnished furniture. Feed-n-Wax the great way to revive anything made of wood, it’s the most effective wood conditioner and polish we have seen. Orange oil polish, this is one of the best sellers, once you have tried this you will want to keep using it – impressive and smells so good! The food-safe, Butcher Block Conditioner and Cutting board Oil a brilliant choice for your chopping boards or any wooden surface or utensil that comes into contact with food. Odourless and tasteless they are a fabulous product reviving an old chopping board or to season a new one. Wood turners favour this product to give their newly turned bowls a finish that not only enhances the wood but also gives it protection against moisture.

An important line within the Howard range is the Natural cleaning solutions which are chemical-free but not result free!! Environmentally friendly they include a Stainless Steel cleaner, Wood Cleaner & Polish, and an Upholstery cleaner, offered in fragrance-free or with natural lemongrass & lime.

Unicorn SPiT In stock in 2 sizes. Available Now Fast delivery for your creative imagination. 14 Colours of this Gel stain & glaze in one product from the United States. you can use it on Wood, Glass, Laminate, concrete, even metal. Non Toxic water-based and has a great jasmine fragrance!

SPARKLiNG SPiT in 6 jazzy colours, available in 2 sizes 118ml or 236ml, these vibrant colours will enhance any project!

Michelle Nicole ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS Metallics and pearlescent colours, with the fabulous scent of teak wood Oil – giving metallic finish and aromatherapy all in one.

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