E6000 PLUS is the professional choice for fixing flat back crystals, beads and gems to virtually any surface including fabrics, leather, suede, plastics, glass ceramics and metals. No other adhesive will fix crystals, beads or gems with a flat back stronger than E6000 can. The new no smell formula complies with UK regulations and is safe to use it forms an extremely firm clear bond which is flexible, waterproof and heat resistant. E6000+ really is a Multi-Purpose Super Strength Adhesive.

Eclectic E6000 PLUS

E6000 PLUS offers virtually the same performance characteristics you love about the old E6000 but without the odor! It’s formulated using a premium polymer technology and can be used on almost any substrate and in just about any application. The waterproof formula and all-weather performance make E6000 PLUS ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Excellent adhesion to wood, glass, fabric, ceramic, gems, metal, marble, fibreglass, concrete, most plastics, Lexan and much more. 

  • No odor
  • Crystal clear
  • Superb UV resistance
  • Paintable
  • Remains flexible after curing
  • Maintains its permanent bond strength
  • Washer-dryer safe
  • Acid-free

NOTE: Be aware that some other sellers are still either selling the old UK banned E6000 glue or cheap Chinese/Asian copy versions with similar-sounding names.
Keep safe – Buy safe, we import directly from the manufacturer in America.


Follow these step-by-step directions when using E6000 PLUS:

Read directions and test a small area for adhesion before use. The surface should be clean, dry and free of dirt. For best adhesion on smooth, non-porous materials, lightly roughen surface before use. Ideal application temperature range is 50 to 90 ºF (10 to 32 ºC). Once fully cured, the adhesive can withstand temperatures from -40 to 200 ºF (-40 to 93 ºC) intermittently.

  1. Puncture seal in neck of tube using pointer cap.
  2. Apply directly to surfaces to be bonded or repaired. NOTE: For non-porous surfaces, apply adhesive, mate surfaces together, pull apart for 5 minutes, then re-mate surfaces permanently.
  3. To close tube properly, remove air in the tube by squeezing product slightly past end of the opening, then tightly recap. Dried product can easily be removed.
  4. Allow 24 hours for full cure. Depending on substrates and temperature, maximum bond strength may not be reached for up 72 hours.
  5. Clean uncured adhesive with rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, acetone or a dry cloth. Cured material may be removed with mineral spirits or by cutting or scraping.
  6. Not recommended for use on acrylic, vinyl, foam, polyethylene and polypropylene. Store in a cool, dry place.

Tip: For quick emergency repairs, lightly mist the substrate with moisture prior to applying adhesive.

FAQ’s about E6000 can be found by clicking HERE.

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