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Dark Brown Unicorn SPiT – Rustic Reality, allows anyone to turn ordinary objects into personalised MASTERPIECES! 
Use on wood, glass, metal, fabric, pottery, wicker, concrete and laminate. Ideal for creating new – or – refinishing thousands of projects. Excellent for crafters, hobbyists, DIYers and pros alike!

  • Make your project as opaque or vibrant as your dreams require
  • Use as a paint or dilute with water to create a gel, glaze, stain, white wash or antiquing tint
  • Penetrates deep into bare wood grain or glazes over existing finishes, brightening and highlighting painted surfaces
  • Provides a 3-dimensional effect
  • Jasmine scented
  • Dark Brown Unicorn SPiT mixes with the Sparkling SPiT range

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Use Dark Brown Unicorn SPiT as a paint, gel or stain on most any material. Create masterpieces on wood, glass, metal, fabric, pottery, concrete, laminate, wicker and most other substrates.


SHAKE WELL and test small area before use. Can be applied with a brush, foam pad, or your hands! Dry time depends upon thickness of the application. Dry time is approximately 30-60 minutes (depending on material, humidity and temperature) or until a chalky finish appears. Unicorn SPiT dries quickly. Use a spray bottle of water to keep product from drying out and to easily manipulate. Once dry, use a non-waterbased coating to protect, add gloss and dimension.

1, Laminate use: Sand the surface with 220 sand paper after cleaning, then dust well before applying.
2, Glass: For best results, mix Unicorn SPiT with a WATER-BASED decoupage before applying to glass. For a solid/non-transparent colour, use a 1:1 ratio of Unicorn SPiT /decoupage. For more transparent colour (stained-glass style) results, use 1-part Unicorn SPiT to 4-parts decoupage. Apply mixture directly to glass and let cure completely. To add durability to the exterior of regularly handled items, spray a light, NON-WATER BASED clear coat over project and let dry.

Fabric use:
Stamping method: Use Unicorn SPiT full strength for “stamping” (creating design on a separate surface and then “stamping” it on to a fabric project).  Then, use a water bottle and your hand or brush to blend.
Direct to fabric projects:  Mix Unicorn SPiT with 3-7 parts water in a spray bottle or cup and brush it on, drip it on or spray it on.   
Protecting your finished project:  Use a NON-WATERBASED product intended for waterproofing fabric after Unicorn SPiT has completely dried. 
Washing: Fabric will retain much of the Unicorn SPiT colour if treated before washing (see various methods below)*.  For best results, wash in cold water by hand (with very little laundry detergent).  Rinse with cold water.  Various methods to increase the colourfastness of the Unicorn SPiT before washing are as follows:
        – Fabric Medium:  Mix a Fabric Medium with Unicorn SPiT according to instructions on the Fabric Medium bottle.
        – Allure® Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint:  Mix Unicorn SPiT with Allure Gloss (Shiny Clear) in a 1:1 ratio.  Dry flat 5 hours.  Washable after 72 hours. 
        – Non-waterbased fabric protectant:  Let Unicorn SPiT dry.  Apply protectant.  Allow to dry as indicated on product. Let set for 24 hours before washing.
        – Hair Dryer:  Let Unicorn SPiT dry.  Use hottest blow dryer setting to heat fabric until fabric is hot.  Allow to cool back down to room temperature.  Let set for 24 hours before washing.
        – Iron:  Let Unicorn SPiT dry.  Put iron on hottest setting (without moisture).  Lay wax paper over fabric.  Iron front and back of fabric until hot.  Allow to cool back down to room temperature.  Let set for 24 hours before washing.
        – Vinegar:  Put fabric with dried Unicorn SPiT design in cold water/vinegar at a 1:1 ratio mix.  Let set in vinegar for 24 hours.  Rinse with cold water and a very small amount of laundry detergent immediately after removing from water/vinegar solution.  Lay flat to dry.
        – Clothes dryer:  Put fabric with dried Unicorn SPiT design in dryer for 1 hour on hottest setting.  Remove and allow to cool to room temperature.  Let set for 24 hours before washing.

    *Zia is not a colourfast colour.  Use other colours if project will be exposed to moisture.

    NOTE:  If a more washed-out look is desired:  Let set for 24 hours before washing.  Machine wash in gentle cycle with cold water.  Machine dry if desired.

If you have any further questions then visit our Unicorn SPiT FAQ Section

Safety Data Sheet can be download here.


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