Sanding Sealer Brush On Liquid


Howard’s Sanding Sealer Brush on liquid – Toluene Free.

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As a new woodturner, Howard very soon discovered the importance of a great finish to any of the projects he undertook.  So he set out to find a 1st class sanding sealer and found it. So good that it is now produced for us in the UK and under Howard’s own name.  This is supplied in 2 sizes 250ml or 1lt plastic bottle and is ideal for those busy in their workshop or garage.  We also have a 400ml Aerosol spray.
It is supplied ready to brush but can be thinned up to 5% with suitable thinners.  Allow up to 30 mins between coats.
Key with 400 grit paper, dry, before applying the next coat.  3 coats recommended.
Highly Flammable liquid and Vapour.


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