Clean A Finish Wood Soap


  • Quickly removes dust, dirt, grime, and other stains from finished and unfinished wood, carpet, upholstery, fabric, automotive interiors, painted surfaces, vinyl, and plastics
  • Great for deep cleaning neglected pieces of furniture that have years of buildup and stains
  • A traditional blend of natural soaps leave your furniture clean and smelling fresh
  • Perfect for cleaning wood finishes before polishing, waxing, or restoring
  • Known as “The Soap That Gives Dirt A Lift”
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Clean-A-Finish Wood & Upholstery Soap Effectively cleans all wooden surfaces using a traditional blend of gentle, yet powerful natural soaps.

Clean-A-Finish easily removes dirt and wax build-up on furniture, antiques, cabinets and more. Safe to use on painted surfaces, plastics, upholstery and vinyl.

Product Features:
Unique soap based formula.
Non-Toxic and biodegradable.
Clean Fresh Scent.
Does NOT contain ammonia.
Does NOT contain bleach.

Product Uses:
Cleans wood finishes before polishing, waxing or restoring.
Breaks Down grease and grime on kitchen cabinets or dining room tables.
Easily removes wax build-up on furniture and antiques.
The soap that gives dirt a lift.


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