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  • Wax It All

    Wax It All

    • Enhances beauty and protects surfaces to make them look better and last longer, including wood, stone, metal, cement, paint, plastics, and more!
    • Easy to Use – simply rub the wax on, let it absorb and buff off any excess
    • Safe for indoor and outdoor countertop surfaces
    • Helps delay tarnishing and oxidation of bronze, copper, brass, and even wrought iron
    • Gives finishes a soft sheen and a smooth feel
    • Lock in the oils and waxes after using Howard’s other food-grade products
    • Made in the USA with food-grade mineral oil, Beeswax, and Carnauba wax
    • Great for woodworkers who need a hard, carnauba wax finish
    • Does not contain: Silicone, linseed oil, solvents, or VOC’s
  • Chalk Paint Wax

    Chalk Paint Wax | Chalk Tique Paste Wax


    Chalk Paint Wax : Chalk-Tique Paste Wax is a blend of beeswax, carnauba wax, orange oil, and special surfactants. This formula enhances and helps protect all chalk-style painted surfaces. When a painted surface is lightly distressed and then Paste Wax is applied, the finished surface is beautiful, stylish and polished with an aged look that only chalk-style paint and paste wax will create.

  • Citrus Shield Paste Wax before and after

    Citrus Shield Paste Wax


    Howard Citrus Shield® Premium Paste Wax is available in Neutral (Clear) or Mahogany for all reddish-brown shades. Net weight  11oz or 312gr.

  • Howard Feed N Wax enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain in finished and unfinished wood. Polishes all wood surfaces to a soft lustre and protects with a coating of natural waxes.  Prevents drying and deterioration of all wood finishes.Maintains the restored finish after using Restor-A-Finish®. Feed-N-Wax has a unique gel-like consistency making very easy to apply, it should be used every month or so or whenever the finish looks dry or faded. Recommended for finishes that are cracked or crazed to prevent further drying or deterioration and to help preserve the wood finish.  On unfinished wood, helps introduce natural oils to the wood to prevent drying out.Our original blend of beeswax, Brazilian carnauba wax, mineral oil, and orange oil is the perfect product to enhance the natural beauty and depth of grain in all woods, finished and unfinished. Feed-N-Wax was developed as the best follow-up to Restor-A-Finish for maintaining the newly restored finish.Contains no silicone or linseed oils. Not intended for food-prep surfaces. For food-prep surfaces use Howard Butcher Block Conditioner or Cutting Board Oil.Feed N Wax before and after

    Feed N Wax

    • Polishes all wood surfaces to a soft luster with a protective coating of Carnauba Wax and Beeswax
    • Introduces conditioning oils that “feed” the wood and helps keep it from drying and fading
    • Enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain in finished and unfinished wood
    • For use on antiques, dining tables, kitchen cabinets, wood doors, and trim, etc.
    • Helps to prevent further drying of the wood and deterioration of the finish
    • The perfect follow-up to Restor-A-Finish to maintain the newly restored wood finish
  • Disposable Gloves

    Disposable Gloves Box of 100


    Premium Quality Nitrile examination gloves that offer greater tensile strength and protection than both Latex and Vinyl – 100 gloves per box

  • Microfibre Cloths x3

    Professional Micro-fibre Cloths 3 Pack


    3 Pack of Micro Fibre Cloths.Professional quality and lint-free in three different colours.

  • Outdoor Furniture Wax

    SunShield Outdoor Patio Furniture Wax


    SunShield Outdoor patio furniture wax, wood conditioner and protectant is specially designed to keep teak and other tropical hardwood furniture from cracking, drying and oxidizing due to exposure to the sun, temperature variations or moisture.

  • Steel Wool Grade #0000

    16 High Quality Steel Wire Wool Pads Grade #0000


    Steel Wool Grade #0000 super fine, Available in Grades Fine #0, Very Fine #00, Extra Fine #000, Super Fine #0000 or Medium #1 Steel wool is also commonly known as wire wool or wire sponge. It is made up of steel filaments which are very fine and flexible. Used by woodworkers and craftsmen when they are working on paint, lacquer and varnish to prepare the surface. It can also be used with a chemical stripper. Ideal for applying wax polishes as the fine filaments help the wood to absorb the wax evenly