Shoe Goo

Shoe repair glue

Shoe glue, Shoe GOO ll, formulated using premium polymer technology, offers virtually the same performance characteristics you love with Original Shoe GOO. It is crystal clear and offers superb UV and water resistance. Permanently repair/protect all types of footwear!

Shoe Glue

Show Goo Available in 2 sizes 26.6ml & 59.1ml

Approved for sale in the UK

From the same manufacturer as E6000 Plus.

  • Excellent adhesion to: leather, canvas, suede, rubber, fabric & many other substrates!
  • Solvent-free
  • Dries crystal clear
  • UV resistant
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Permanent bond
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Abrasion resistant
Highly recommended product for the repair of shoes and boots and other uses such as sealing seams.
Martin S
The winners of my running shoes came off due to rain etc….this glue has done the job perfectly…not had any issues since
My wellies split and was letting in water, so wanted a quick fix to repair them until I could replace them.
Shoe glue worked very well.
Refixed a loose sole of working boots easily which has remained fixed during ground works. Very pleased with the product.

Shoe Glue – Common Questions

Allow 24-48 hours for full cure. Depending on substrates and temperature, maximum bond strength may not be reached for up to 3 days.

Clean uncured adhesive with rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, acetone or a dry cloth. Cured material may be removed with mineral spirits or by cutting or scraping.


Once fully cured, the adhesive can withstand temperatures from -40 to 200 ºF (-40 to 93 ºC) intermittently.

In a cool, dry area.


Shoe GOO II has excellent adhesion to: leather, canvas, suede, rubber, fabric & much more.

Yes. For quick emergency repairs, lightly mist the substrate with moisture prior to applying adhesive. Application on damp and wet surfaces may slightly affect adhesion.

Yes, Shoe GOO II will provide a barrier to those extreme-wear areas that need extra protection. It will also readily perform any needed repairs. See “Instructions for Safe Use” tab for step-by-step instructions.

The viscosity of Shoe Goo II is a bit thinner than the Original formula, and it does not skin over as quickly. This allows a longer working time to spread the product into all the locations needed.

Acrylic, vinyl, foam, polyethylene and polypropylene. For applications on vinyl materials, use Original Shoe GOO.

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